A luxurious touch and feel and a robust wear life: LVP and LVT flooring

Are you looking for a floor that is as attractive as it is durable, as practical as it is full of flare, and as functional as it is affordable? Then luxury vinyl is something into which you will want to look. Whether you are considering a hardwood plank look or a ceramic or stone tile look, LVF will meet your needs and much more.

Planks and tiles

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is likely the most common design that is chosen. These planks are manufactured to simulate the look and feel of genuine hardwood. The grain patterns of many popular and exotic hardwoods are carefully crafted into this product. In many cases, at a casual glance, your guests won’t know that they are not walking on a wood floor. On the other hand, luxury vinyl tile flooring is designed to give the impression of ceramic, porcelain, brick, or stone. Into each piece, the texture of the material is built-in, not just the appearance, and in most cases, grout lines are part of the floor itself. Like their plank cousins, at a casual glance, your guests will likely never know the difference.

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One great material

Vinyl has served as flooring for many years now and has a proven track record for providing a durable and waterproof floor. The planks and tiles seal together with one another and form an impenetrable barrier so that moisture from spills cannot leak through to your subfloor. Also, vinyl does not discolor, fade, warp, swell, or degrade due to moisture, making it an excellent floor for kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways.

Yet, waterproof is not the only benefit to luxury vinyl. It has a durable wear layer to prevent the floor from most scratches and scuffing. Even the scuffing from your four-legged family members will not harm this flooring. If a minor scratch occurs, most of the time, it will blend in with the texturing found in the product, making it hardly noticeable and not harming the waterproof seal at all.

At Cloquet Flooring, we are your source for luxury vinyl flooring in central Minnesota. Whether you live in Cloquet, MN, Duluth, MN, Sturgeon Lake, MN, Pine City, MN, or Superior, WI, we can serve you both as a retailer and as installers of LVF. Give us a call or stop by our Cloquet showroom; one of our knowledgeable sales associates will be happy to show you all of the benefits found in LVP and LVT flooring.