Are patterns available in carpet flooring?

Are patterns available in carpet flooring?

Think of the floor as your canvas. Carpeting is the art.

Today, it's all about stunning design statements and self-expression, such as geometrics, Moroccan trellis, and Arabesque patterns.

Color & texture: hand in hand with pattern play

It’s not possible to discuss patterns without talking about color and texture.

If you’re not ready to go all-in on the bold and bright, stick with a neutral rug. You can also jazz it up using texture, such as a frieze, ribbed or plush rug.

Stunning stripes

This classic pattern is recreated with wide or narrow bands, often in bold colors. This floor covering visually enlarges a room, just as planks do.

Stripes are also lauded for their ability to hide dirt. Today, stripes are seen in broadloom.

Is that too much pattern for you? Instead, layer it with a more subtle area rug or jazz up a neutral with a brightly colored area rug.

Theme carpets: tying it all together

Do you have a certain vibe you're going for? Some ideas include modern, BOHO, retro, etc. You can find a pattern that coordinates nicely with your furnishings and accessories.

Come into our carpet store. We promise you'll find what you need with brand names like Mohawk, Phenix, etc.

Modern style

Modern-style rugs are clean, simple, and classic. They're also usually in one earth-tone hue. As a result, these rugs become a cozy and pretty room backdrop.


All the rage is a floral pattern in a “new neutral,” such as gray or rich, earthy tones.

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